Sapien Bookcase Ideas

Sapien Bookcase High

Sapien Bookcase High

Sapien bookcase – Making your own bookshelves can be very satisfying. No, it will be tailor made for what space you have available, but you can have a sense of pride of having done it yourself. You can buy expensive plans and tools and build a traditional bookshelf, but it’s a cheap way to do bookshelves with a minimum of hassle. The following process was completed with a Phillips screwdriver, a water pass and a tape measure

Hardware Supplies

Determine how sapien bookcase you need, and go to hardware store and buy the following items. Shelf doubles wall songs as long as you need shelves to be. Buy the relevant screws as well. If there are no rules to screw in, use the type of screw that can lock against the back of the SHEETROCK wall.

Brackets Standards

Buy brackets to fit into double grooves on the shelf standard. Buy two for each shelf you need. Next go to the work part of the store and buy planks of pine dressed to use as sapien bookcase. These should be about 10 inches wide and four feet tall, although length depends on how much space you have. Look up the rules in the wall with a control detector or by finding the nails. Screw the shelf standards in about three meters apart, for four feet shelf plank. If you have shorter shelf then standards can be closer. Each standard will take 7/8 screws. Mount the two tabs on the shelf brackets in the grooves on the shelf standards.

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